Gov 2 Expo – Anil Dash – Expert Labs

These are the most interestingly technological challenges we can engage in

Participation –

Expert Labs – independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan
-help policy makers make decision makers make better decisions through crowdsourcing
-Part of AAAS
-Can publish their findngs as an experiment

Got to make ideas accessible
-Time for me to get a new phone…what smartphone should I get? Was able to get tons of responses. Not just # of responses. But also high quality – like information on cell phone radiation – then linked to article on 10 best phones for
-Serendipity – Answers questions didn’t even know asking
-Power of having own think tank
-Think tank platform created by founder of lifehacker.com
-Got hundreds of people developing platform
-Anyone can use

Grand Challenges Initiative
-Find greatest technical challenges facing our country
-Get side benefits of solving these challenges
-What challenges are as big as moon?
-Combines benefits of Better buy project with questions of Twitter
-White House followed through – what should be on the nation’s to-do list
-Promoted on White House.gov websites, Twitter feed, email, Facebook – got large numbers to participate
-Need all networks together
-Answers came from script writer in LA, programmers in DC, grad student from coloado, women in hills of NC, high school students
-2,000 responses via social network + 700 via email

Creating networks of network – The Network
Important + Accessible – Great participation

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