Gov 2 Expo – Notes form Sonal Shah – WH Director of Soc Entrepreneurship

Sonal Shah – WH Director of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

How do we look at these problems differently? With technology, innovation, and people…what keeping us from scaling great ideas.

3 perspectives the office works from:

1-Capital – How can gov’t deploy capital differently to ensure best ideas to capital. In social sectors, get a grant and moves slow 3-5. Innovation fund – for fund capital and scale capital. At NCCC and Ed have these funds

2 – Partnerships – Know can’t do themselves. What is best way to partner for govt to help solve problem. Text for Baby. Most families use text message vs computers Working real well. Partnered with 2 universities to help solve birth rates

3 – Civic participation – One is technology. Two is public service. Getting people to serve in these communities.Get more people connecting to solving problems in communities. Partnered with non-profit Allforgood. Gov’t doesnt need to build everything – runs off serve.good but links to allforgood

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