Gov 2 Summit – Beth Noveck Open Gov

Beth Noveck, Deputy CTO OSTP

Early milestones
-Open for Qeustions
-Release of White House visitor logs

Open Government Initiative
-A model. A pathforward. A way to get policies involved.
-Open government policy – requires policy, legal, and tech leadership in every agency with public input. In next couple of weeks. Culture of open gov – each agencies need open gov plan. Must do public consultation and comment prior to drafting. Schedule for publishing data online. Undertake participation and collaborative initiatives. Establishes a comprehensive review of the Administration’s information policies

-Open government in service of national priorities
Build information based businesses. Help small business create new businesses. Distribution network provided. VA challenges competition with employees to cut backlog for Veteran’s benefits. 3600 logins. 530 ideas in a day. Most active in idea generation platform.

-Open government platforms
-open data, open spending, open participation, open expertise & peer review, open grant-making platform, open problem-solving. Expert networking instead of advisory committees. Products to work in new innovative way.

Connecting institutions to networks to take action and solves problems. Governance together. Gov’t does not have all answers. Institutional innovation to produce open ways of working

Best open policymaking platform for rulemaking. Best processes for open grantmaking. Prize for best automated, online mentoring system to promote entrepreneurship

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