Gov 2 Summit – Macon Phillips

On stage with Macon Phillips, head of White House New Media

What does President expect of you?
1 – Amplify the president’s message and bring to new spaces
2 – Open up government
3 – Opportunities for public to participate in their government

Difference between Obama campaign and White House
On campaign there were clear objectives based on years of campaigning. New media as way to raise money, move message, and mobilize voters. White House roles have less concrete goals.

How can new media affect health care reform?
How tech can affect standards. Find health care resources. Healthy living. Strat communications goals for H1N1

Processing and filtering information of best practices. Lots of information out there. Web content forum. CIOs and web content managers are well connected.

Cultural challenges to the loss of hierarchy that collaborative processes and participatory processes evolve. Progress made but ways to go. Success breeds success.

Who will help interpret the data. If they build it, will they come? Get more people interested in government.

Chief problem is the input/output problem. Constantly pressed by amount of input they are getting. How to turn through the input.

Security is incredibly important. Blanket resistance to new technologies and activities through security measures. Security is a cultural element that needs to change.

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