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Open Government Isn’t Something One Person Can Own – It Belongs To All of Us

Originally posted on the Phase One Consulting Group’s Government Transformation Blog. As the firestorm over the future of Open Government raged across Twitter and blogs early last week following Vivek Kundra’s departure announcement, there were federal employees quietly scheduling meetings, chatting in the hallways or just simply asking questions about how Open Government can helpRead… Read more »

Open Government is Dead, Long Live Open Data

Vivek Kundra leaving the White House rings one more bell that the Open Government soiree is over. And like all poorly planned parties, it should be. But, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t leave us one lovely party favor. Let’s be honest. The combination of the very nebulous idea of “Open Government” and the institutionalizationRead… Read more »

Gov 2 Summit – Beth Noveck Open Gov

Beth Noveck, Deputy CTO OSTP Early milestones -Open for Qeustions -HHS H1N1 PSA -Release of White House visitor logs Open Government Initiative -A model. A pathforward. A way to get policies involved. -Open government policy – requires policy, legal, and tech leadership in every agency with public input. In next couple of weeks. CultureRead… Read more »