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GovLoop Fall 2012 Mentors Program: Another Success!

GovLoop just concluded its third iteration of its government-wide mentors program.

The Fall 2012 cohort had just over 30 pairings and our post-program evaluations have revealed that it was another successful program. Take a quick click through this slide deck to see the stats and stories which show the solid impact the program has had on people’s career:

Here are a couple quotes from the evaluations that stood out to me:

  • “My mentor enriched my professional life on just about every level. She encouraged my efforts, boosted my confidence, and widened my perspective on the scope of my work. She introduced me to relevant contacts and went out of her way to make those connections personal. She recommended books and taught me about software tools. Most helpfully, she was incredibly generous about sharing her own work with me as examples. I am more confident in dealing with work situations. I understand the government environment better than before the program. Also, I am waiting on a job offer that I was able to secure because of the confidence and strength my mentor gave me.”
  • “The specific gains that I have made personally and professionally have included obtaining a new position in the career track of my choice and being more confident in myself to take on more professional responsibility.”
  • “THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Although you know this, you are providing an extraordinary service to everyone in this program. I will never be able to tell you just how grateful I am that you allowed me to participate (hopefully the shouty caps helped….).”

To date, we are proud to report that the program has:

  • connected more than 150 mentees with mentors, and
  • enabled more than 100 mentors to have an impact on their careers.

We are finalizing plans for the 2013 program (both Fall and Spring) right now and we hope to have at least another 50 pairings.

Would you like to be involved in the GovLoop Mentors Program in 2013?

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Terrence (Terry) Hill

This is a great program, which pairs up mentors and mentees according to their interests and career goals. I had two very different experiences with my two mentees (proteges), but I feel that I gained more from the relationship than they did. I hope that the bonds that were created during the program will endure.

Thanks to Andy and GovLoop for facilitating this very engaging Mentor program.

David B. Grinberg

Many congratulations, Andy and Lindsey! This is an awesome program. Where would most of us be today without successful mentoring in our younger years? (rhetorical question)