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How to Develop a Workplace Mentoring Program

We explored the many benefits of building and implementing a successful workplace mentoring program for government employees in our first article. Now we will explain the steps involved in developing an effective workplace mentoring program. There are different types of mentoring, such as one-on-one mentoring; group mentoring in which one individual mentors several people atRead… Read more »

Why You Need to Develop a Workplace Mentoring Program

A common characteristic of all successful companies is that they know how to attract and retain an engaged and qualified work force. Mentoring is one tool they use to ensure their employees are constantly learning to facilitate improved performance across the board. Below are several benefits of building and implementing a strong and effective workplaceRead… Read more »

Creating Action-Items for Success

GovLoop is halfway through its current mentorship program, which means mentors and mentees are starting to dig into really tough questions about career options, hurdles, and success factors. Most of our mentor-mentee partnerships have already discussed career paths, including what tactical steps they need to take along that path. Now mentees are starting to ask,Read… Read more »

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Government Career

Latonia Page and Rachel Dorman facilitated a discussion on how to Make the Most of Your Government Career at the Next Gen 2015 Conference. Here are their top five tips that you can start using today to further your career in the public sector, whether at the local, state or federal level. Consider your careerRead… Read more »