GovLoop on HuffPo: 5 Tips for TSA from Fellow Govies

GovLoop’s latest Huffington Post column is live. Here’s an excerpt:

Earlier this week, we posed the following challenge to members of GovLoop, a group of nearly 40,000 people who work in and around government:

Help TSA Out of This Mess! Share Your Ideas to Improve Travel Right Now!

As you might suspect with all the mainstream media coverage, this post has been our most popular over the past week as it has elicited over 80 comments to date. While we’ve seen some of the flagrant flaming of TSA that is typical of most forums across the Web, we have also been impressed with the number of thoughtful responses with constructive ideas for TSA. Since the community is mostly comprised of civil servants and private contractors who work alongside government, you might consider it something akin to a family intervention.

Here are the best five pieces of advice…




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