GovLoop Survey – What Area Do You Work In?

The latest GovLoop survey question was “What Area Do You Work In?”

The results are:
14.3% Workforce
49.0% Technology
4.1% Finance
25.5% Marketing/PR
7.1% Operations

Pretty interesting findings. There are a lot of technologists on GovLoop which has sparked a pretty interesting discussion in the forums about it (Lots of Technologists Here).

My thoughts are pretty consistent to the forum discussion. I believe technologists are often the first to experiment with new technologies. So it makes sense that they would be early adopters to a new concept – a social network for government. Much as the very first blogs were often bent in content around technology. And Digg, Reddit, and other social news sites still are.

Two, it can often be hard to categorize people. I forgot to add an “other” category when I did the survey. I will do this in the future as a few people wrote that they didn’t feel like they fit in the categories. But I also think a lot of us are cross-functional now so it is hard to classify exactly what you do. For example, even though my jobs have always been mostly IT, I’ve done a ton in Workforce and Marketing/Communications during both jobs.

Next survey question: How Do You Use GovLoop?

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