Looking for GovLoop Volunteers – Project of the Week

I’m starting a new series called “Project of the Week.”

Basically, it’s a follow-up to “Member of the Week” where currently GovLoop Community Leaders interview members

The idea for “Project of the Week” is GovLoop Community Leaders will interview/highlight a project from a GovLoop member. Could be a new website, a new HR initiative, a big public relations campaign, etc. And talk candidly of the concept, how its gone, and tips for success.

There are a lot of people on GovLoop working on very cool projects and we should share our ideas and best practices.

So I’m looking for volunteers to become GovLoop Community Leaders (you will be invited to the elite Group) as well as ideas for good projects to highlight.

Send me a message or comment here if you are interested.

I’m looking for 4-5 volunteers who will be responsible for interviewing/writing up 1 Project per month. Should take 1-2 hours or so and it’s a great way to meet other interesting GovLoopers.

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Greg Berry

I’d love to help where I can. I’d be best suited for issues revolving around local government, specifically eGov and Gov2.0 and/or local government finance issues.

Mary Davie

Steve – I’d be glad to participate. My background is federal acquisition and I currently co-lead the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative. Mary

David Tallan

You can sign me up as a volunteer for this. I’d love to be a part of discovering and sharing experiences and best practices.

Naomi A. Williams

This sounds like a pretty cool idea. I’d love to volunteer my services for this project. I think it’s a great way to learn more about GovLoop users.

Andrea Baker

I know we probably don’t want to feature two wiki’s back to back. But this Friday (April 17th) is Intellipedia’s 3rd birthday. How can I get this to be a project of the week for maybe next week or soon after? Much will be available publicly vetted through the Office of Public Affairs soon (from the CIA ) on the anniversary and the recent Time Magazine piece. We would be happy if this even ran in May as the unclass wiki is the most nascent of the three versions and it was launched in May I think. If someone could let me know how to get this ball rolling, I would much appreciate it.

We even got one of the Godfathers of Iped on GovLoop. https://www.govloop.com/profile/SeanDennehy

Andrea Baker

Also, I wouldn’t mind being a member of this team. I do meet with a lot of teams in various agencies in which I can help elevate their work to be showcased.