GovLoop Survey – When Will Gov 2.0 Take Off?

In the last GovLoop poll I asked “When Will Gov 2.0 Take Off?”

The answers were pretty interesting:
16.3% This summer
23.9% 6 months
21.7% 1 year
28.3% 2-3 years
9.8% never

While we have some people on both sides (16.3% say this summer and 9.8% never), the majority bunch up in the middle with 2-3 years being the biggest group. I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic lately and talking to a lot of experts who have been around for other large changes like the original web introduction in government and I’m personally leaning towards 2-3 years.

I’m hoping this summer things will start to kick off after the Open Government memo is released in late May. However, it will take awhile to understand the guidance. Conferences like Gov 2.0 Summit (O’Reilly) in September and Open Government conference (FCW) in July will help the Gov 2.0 brainstorm.

But that is just the beginning. A true change in culture and ways of business take time. We will see early signs and success stories but mainstream adoption will probably take 2-3 years to really get going.

Or so I think….and most GovLoopers as well….

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Steve Radick

Couldn’t agree more Steve – we’re just on the “this is really cool” part now. Two-three years from now, I hope that Government 2.0 will no longer be cool, it’ll just be Government. *fingers crossed*

Zachariah Miller

I’m inclined to believe that the pace of Government 2.0 adoption will be determined more by factors within agencies than government-wide. Even with leadership from OMB and the White House, there will probably be a significant gulf between the early-adopters and the foot-draggers. But I hope I’m wrong!

Dick Davies

I have built several social networks and find that they avalanche when a nucleus of users learn how to use it. I say this summer will make GovLoop an “overnight sensation.”

Ari Herzog

I didn’t answer that poll because I didn’t understand it. “Government 2.0” is a concept, and an abstract one different to different people at that. Do you refer to a particular country, state or province, or locality? Because while you can compare and contrast what Seattle, London, and Melbourne are doing in the same sentence, each is using Gov 2.0 differently and their unique populations would have different answers to your poll.

Cindy Lou Baker

As long as GovLoop’s people keep sending invites, and as long as people remain positive and :somewhat” professional, I think it’ll be very soon..I know that every department and every agency has a site intended to be the aggregate collaboration spot for all of it’s people…however, when the person that created the site heads off to greener pastures, the site will most likely die. This site (started by a most charming young gentleman who deserves much credit) will end up running itself. It’s like the craigslist of government! Look out for wierdos!