GovMadness Update: The Sweet Sixteen and Cinderellas

As the NCAA tournament sweet sixteen tips off tonight I wanted to give everyone and update on where your favorite cities and agencies stand in GovMadness.

Over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday govies did battle at the ballot box to try and push their favorites through the second round and one step closer to the GovMadness Title. The voting was close and a few cinderella agencies and cities held on to their slippers to slip into the sweet 16.

Don’t Forget To Vote in The Sweet Sixteen

Here’s what happened on the agency side:

– DoD laid siege on the State Dept. with a 57 percent win. DoD’s voting trends so far make them a heavy favorite to make a Final Four appearance.

– DOI scooted by the Nuclear Regulatory Comm. in a tight battle. I honestly though timeliness of the Japan crisis would grab NRC the victory but midnight stuck for this cinderella.

– Smithsonian Institute was able to pull another upset in round 2 taking down the might Treasury Dept. The Smithsonian looks like it could be a force to be reckoned with in the next round

– NASA entered this tournament shot out of a rocket and hasn’t looked back. NASA demolished DOJ in round 2 and now enters a match up with Smithsonian.

– Veterans Affairs was able to hold off the upstart DOE to avoid an early round upset.

– In maybe the closest match up of the second round HHS and DOT traded punches with HHS being the one standing at the end with 52 percent of the vote.

– The old proverb of give a man a fish or teach a man to fish held true as Dept. of Education KO’d USDA to grab a sweet 16 spot.

– DHS after a shaky first round took care of business rather easily dispatching DOL

Here’s what happened on the city side:

– San Fransisco slayed giant New York City in the battle of West vs. East

– DC has no problem sweeping New Orleans out of the competition setting up a HUGE match up between DC and SF next round.

– Boston continued their suedo Cinderella run knocking off higher seeded San Jose.

– Philly had no problem driving all over Detroit to cruise to the Sweet 16.

– Chicago flexed some muscle and huffed and puffed and blew down Dallas as the Windy City moved on.

– Austin looks like a world beater as it silenced state rival San Antonio and skates in the Sweet 16 with out really breaking a sweat.

– San Diego took down Baltimore in a typical 3 vs 6 seed match up

– Seattle crushed 2 seed LA by a 10 percent margin… either Seattle was underseeded or LA was overseeded.

Match Ups that you should vote on this round:

Smithsonian vs. NASA – both these agencies are awesome and have a legit shot at the title if they get out of this round.

San Fransisco vs. DC – Two massive heavy weights… Whoever wins this match up probably makes the title game

San Diego vs Seattle – If you’re into the West Coast this is an intense match up

We’ve also updated the personal standings. There was a shuffle in the top 10 with some new faces.

GovMadness Standings

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