GovUp Austin – Lessons Learned and Photos

So last night was the Austin GovUp. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it there in person but I just got off phone from GovLoop team and they said it was amazing.

Manor CIO Dustin Haisler gave an amazing talk and the audience was riveting. And just lots of awesome folks. There was a pretty solid mix of state/local with federal employees. Also there were people looking to get into government which is always refreshing to see.

Some of the big take aways from Dustin’s talk were that Manor is not special and there unique model for engaging citizens is replicable and can be used anywhere where people have passion for service. Also a government should always stay in a BETA state, meaning that they should always be taking suggestions for citizens and constantly changing and improving as that feedback fliters in.

Here are some pics from the Austin GovUp.

Find more photos like this on GovLoop – Social Network for Government

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