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  • It was the the tweet heard around the country: “CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody.” Meet the man behind the Twitter field Deputy Daley. Click here for the full recap.

The SEVEN stories that impact your life

  1. Designs for many of the nation’s most sensitive advanced weapons systems have been compromised by Chinese hackers, according to a report prepared for the Pentagon and to officials from government and the defense industry. The Washington Post reports, more than two dozen major weapons systems whose designs were breached were programs critical to U.S. missile defenses and combat aircraft and ships.

  2. In April, the Air Force ordered the Rocketeers to stop flying because of sequestration. The Air Force fighter squadron had returned safely with its F-15E Strike Eagles and aircraft crews from a six-month Middle East deployment, and in March the entire wing passed a readiness evaluation with an unusually high rating, reports the Washington Post.

  3. Meanwhile, Park Police says it doesn’t need to furlough workers anymore. It’s canceling them, effective Saturday. National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis said police have already taken three days of unpaid leave. Federal News Radio reports, the agency has found other ways to cut costs. Furloughs had been expected throughout the summer.

  4. But it is not all good news. The Washington Post reports the sequester is still having an impact on the Smithsonian. Impacts of the cuts include shuttered exhibit areas at museums, a halt on White House tours, reduced hours at the National Archives, closings and reduced hours for visitors centers at certain national parks, and scaled-back summer programs for Rock Creek Park in D.C.

  5. The Interior Department is planning to hire 600 young people. They’ll work in national parks, wildlife reserves and other public lands. They’re funded by $4 million in grants. Interior wants to cooperate with state government and private companies to extend the program. Interior officials hope to hire 17,000 people as part of an Obama administration plan to create a 21st century Conservation Services Corps.

  6. The government is still hiring! In fact, agencies have around 27,000 open positions. The Washington Times reports since March the government has posted 10,000 jobs. A fourth are positions at the Veterans Affairs Department, which is exempt from the sequester. The Transportation Security Administration has more than 400 openings, mostly for airport screeners. Some jobs seem unlikely to be filled. The Defense Department is looking for 71 bartenders and 123 waiters.

  7. And on GovLoop: Here is a staggering stat: 130 millions Americans own a smartphone, including roughly 1 out of 2 adults. That’s a technology that wasn’t even around 5 years ago. So how can government leverage this technology to connect, engage and empower government employees and the general public? Tune in to find out with the DorobekINISDER Live panel on June 26th at noon EDT. Register for the free online webinar now.

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