What’s the Value of Virtual Events and Training to Government?

Virtual events and online training are growing in importance as government seeks more cost effective ways to educate and train personnel.

PLEASE TAKE OUR 10-MINUTE SURVEY, which is designed to gain your feedback and insights in order to:

  • determine the value and effectiveness of virtual training and events for government

  • learn best practices in planning, delivering and evaluating virtual events

  • understand the key policy, security and cost considerations around online training

From your responses, GovLoop will create a resource guide that will help government to save time and money while achieving the same or even better levels of effectiveness in training and information sharing.

This is your chance to share your ideas to improve government and help your peers solve similar challenges. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like more information on GovLoop resources, please feel free to email me at [email protected].


Speaking of helping your peers, I wanted to make you aware of a new group on GovLoop that was created to connect you with other public sector professionals who are interested in virtual events and training:


As the group description states: “The Government Virtual Engagements GovLoop Group is a preliminary site for collaboration and information exchange among individuals who have an interest in participating in the Government Virtual Engagements Community of Practice, once it has launched.”

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David B. Grinberg

Great topic for further exploration and research, Andy.

The survey only took me five minutes to complete. In addition to Google+ hangouts, I’ve noticed more and more agencies and orgs are holding a “Tweet Chat” or “Twitter Town Hall”.

Thanks to GovLoop for preparing another useful and timely resource.