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How to Help Out Your Fellow Woman

Let’s face it: sexism is real. There have been studies, research, personal accounts, and you might’ve experienced it for yourself firsthand. As a woman in the workforce, dealing with everyday sexism can be hard; whether it be subtle comments directed towards you, or being expected to do the office housework. But, while our society may still have sexism, we also have this awesome thing called “female empowerment,” and that’s pretty cool.

From book clubs to Facebook groups, there are many different channels and platforms all dedicated to building up women and working together towards the fight for equality. And we here at GovFem love that, which is why we’ve compiled this list of awesome women’s organizations you should consider joining, or just supporting, in the new year:

National Organization for Women

Founded in 1966, NOW is known for being one of the first organizations solely dedicated to the women’s movement. NOW holds yearly conferences focused on ways to direct activism to fight for equality for all, and relies entirely on donations and membership dues. Their website posts regular updates on the current issues the organization is fighting, and ways in which you can get involved.

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development

The AWID is a global organization that fights for women’s rights internationally. They have priority focus areas on economic justice, resourcing women’s rights, and young feminist activism. It’s very easy to get more information on membership, donations, and other kinds of involvement with their website.

General Federation of Women’s Clubs

A non-partisan, non-profit organization, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs aims to be thoroughly involved in charity and volunteer opportunities. The GFWC is comprised of women of all ages and backgrounds, and seeks to be a positive light in the world.

Girls Incorporated

Girls Inc is a great organization to get involved in, because it focuses heavily on the education and futures of young girls everywhere. Girls Inc trains staff and volunteers to provide important mentorship and education to almost 150,000 girls in the United States and Canada. Girls Inc could always use donations, as they award annual scholarships to girls in need.

Women Impacting Public Policy

WIPP is a network of women entrepreneurs dedicated to advocating for women in business, particularly women business owners, by taking part in the legislative process to create alliances, foster mutually beneficial relationships, and fight for gender equality.

Independent Women’s Forum

The IWF is a conservative women’s network centered on the ideals of educating women about free markets, equal employment and economic opportunities for women, and personal liberties. The Independent Women’s Forum also publishes daily blog posts on issues happening around the world and how they affect women, and how women can get involved.


More specific associations and organizations you can join or support:

Federally Employed Women

Business and Professional Women Foundation

Association for Women in Science

Association for Women in Communications

Alliance for Women in Media

Women’s Caucus for the Arts

Women’s President’s Organization
So, whatever your New Year’s resolution is this year, consider giving to or joining one of these groups as part of the fun. Support your fellow women, and support yourself.

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