Higher Ed Has Issues…

Higher education faces many challenges. Economic struggle and tight national budgets have created hardship for both institutions as well as students. As a result, higher education has been forced to adapt.

Deloitte education practitioners around the world have joined forces to Making the grade 2011: A study of the top 10 issues facing higher education institutions. It is the hope that by utilizing this report, educational institutions will identify strategies that they will find helpful to address their challenges.they must consider as they seek to address their challenges.

According to the report, these are the top 10 challenges higher education institutions face:

1. Over budget and underfunded

2. The rivalry intensifies

3. Setting priorities

4. Moving at the speed of cyberspace

5. Rethinking infrastructure

6. Linking programs to outcomes

7. The best and the brightest

8. A sustainable future

9. Education for all

10. Regulations and reporting

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