Highlighting Gov 2.0 Success Stories: Building on Potomac Forum’s Best Practices Symposium

GovLoop and the National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA) have partnered with the Potomac Forum as part of their “Best Practices Symposium” to foster collaboration and replication of Gov 2.0 Success Stories happening across government. The event highlighted several of these stories, including the Office of Management and Budget’s Max and the State Department’s Diplopedia wikis, the National Archives and Records Administration’s Virtual Community for Educators, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) “Spacebook” and several other outstanding projects. Our goal with this wiki is to collect these Gov 2.0 Success Stories, provide a bit more detail regarding the “Why, What and How?” behind their creation and highlight the best practices on NAPA’s Collaboration Project website.

I’ve started the wiki for this project here on GovLoop. Now we need you, the community, to fill in the blanks.

Happy Highlighting!

– Andy

P.S. I recognize that there is a full list of Gov 2.0 Examples on the wiki as well. What we’re hoping to do here that is different is to flesh out the projects so that others can learn the lessons and more quickly innovate within their organizations. Thanks!

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