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You Got the Right Stuff: Email Design Best Practices Checklist

Use this checklist of email design best practices to deliver messages that are not only tailored to your audience, but also look professional, function properly, and capture the attention of increasingly-busy and multi-device-connected constituents to invite opens, attract clicks, and inspire action.

Jumpstarting Your Big Data Campaign

The following is an interview with Webster Mudge, Senior Director of Technology Solutions, Cloudera. To learn more about how your agency can excel with big data, be sure to check out our guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government.  One of the challenges for any IT program is soliciting support from leaders and gaining executive buy-in. Although… Read more »

Introducing the Big Data Playbook for Government

To learn more about how your agency can excel with big data, be sure to check out our guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government.  On August 31, 1854, the London district of Soho was struck with a cholera outbreak, and by September 10, the neighborhood had reported over 500 deaths. Curious as to how… Read more »

Top-10 Tips for Mastering Media Interviews

Speaking to the news media can be a tricky business. This is especially true if you are not a professional communicator, former journalist, or possess other expertise in media relations and communications. Therefore, the following 10 best practices to master media interviews — from traditional media to digital media — should prove beneficial if and… Read more »

EEOC Seeks Presenters: EXCEL 2014 Training in San Diego, Aug. 12-14

17th Annual EXCEL TRAINING CONFERENCEEXamining Conflicts in Employment LawsAugust 12-14, 2014 San Diego, California Registration and additional information coming soon! Interested in being a presenter at EXCEL? We are seeking EEO professionals, industry consultants, professional speakers and trainers, and industry suppliers who can expand the knowledge base of attendees, presenting new twists on old ideas/practices,… Read more »

Best Practices for Surveillance, Monitoring and Incentives In Contract Administration

Acquisitions is an extremely complex area of government. The regulations that dictate acquisitions requirements, FAR, is well over 1,000 pages of regulations. The pure length of this document is impressive, equally impressive is the complexity of FAR. Understanding how FAR operates and impacts the acquisition process is one of the many challenges facing acquisition professionals…. Read more »