How Do You Launch a Government Career? Read This “Guide to Getting Into Government”

Let’s face it: getting a government job is a daunting process – especially on the federal level. You have to navigate a specific jobs system, understand government jargon, tweak your resume to include important keywords and wait for what feels like forever to find out the status of your application.

We know this is your reality, which is why we — the Robertson Foundation for Government, a nonprofit family foundation dedicated to helping government meet its talent needs by identifying, educating, and motivating top U.S. graduate students to pursue federal government careers, and GovLoop, the leading knowledge network for government — teamed up to create, “Getting Into Government: A Guide for High Achievers.” Below is an embed if you’d like browse it here. To download your own copy, click the image to the right or go here.

We designed the guide to be a blend of succinct information and anecdotal insight from more than a dozen of the top government career experts as well as current government employees who know how to navigate the unique application process. This High Achiever guide is a comprehensive resource for every stage of the application and hiring process, including:

  • Understanding how to set up a search on to filter jobs that aren’t a good fit,
  • Breaking down special hiring programs and lesser known international and intelligence jobs,
  • Defining terms like grade and series, and offering insider tips on finding top opportunities
  • Revealing a step-by-step explanation of what happens during the application review process,
  • Sharing concrete tips for crafting a government-specific resume, and
  • Giving insight on proactive network building and how to conduct an informational interview

*** Please click here to download your own copy of the guide. ***

As you peruse the guide:

What questions still emerge for you about the government hiring process?

How else can we help you navigate the process?


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