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Where to Get the State and Local Scoop

The amount of knowledge out on the Interweb can be a bit overwhelming. Alright-very overwhelming. Therefore, we decided to narrow the list down for you. In this week’s State and Local Spotlight, we will give you some of our most recent state and local resources, as well as other resources outside of our GovLoop community. … Read more »

Database Network Service Management Solutions as Art

Transforming IT Operations to Delivery Efficient Business Services

You know how you expect all your technology to work smoothly? Think about how annoyed you get when your apps won’t update or your email won’t sync fast enough. “We expect applications to be available all the time and the experience to be perfect,” said Craig Chapman, Sales Manager and Customer Champion of ServiceNow. These… Read more »

Business People Seminar Conference Meeting Office Training Concept

Get In-Depth Training for Building Next-Generation Apps at Esri’s DevSummit DC

Esri’s Federal GIS Conference in Washington, D.C., a two-day event focused on how federal government employees can GIS technology to achieve mission goals, is just weeks away. But while the FedGIS Conference ends on February 25th, the learning opportunities for geospatial developers continue with the Esri DevSummit DC on Friday, February 26th, also at the… Read more »