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Charting Your Career Course

Some careers are the result of one of two specific options. People are either born with a specific talent to earn the job they want to do — or life takes them on various adventures which allows them to learn diverse skill sets that keep them gainfully employed.

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Survivor Benefit Options for Federal Employees

Choosing a Survivor Benefit: Taking Care of the Ones You Love While no one likes to contemplate their own death, making sure that your family will be provided for after your passing is an important part of retirement planning. Private-sector employees generally just apply for and buy life insurance and move on, but as a… Read more »


Using Application Intelligence Like Pirates

The increased use of applications has led to more complex IT environments as agencies adopt cloud, mobile, and virtual technologies. The complexity means that managing application performance is more challenging than ever. What agencies need is greater visibility into their applications, and application intelligence can help with that.