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How OpenStack Helped Oak Ridge National Laboratory Centralize Workloads

The below is an excerpt from GovLoop’s latest industry perspective on open source. To read the full thing, head here. Much has been made of how cloud computing cuts IT costs, helps systems operate more efficiently, and increases agility. But what about its role in scientific efforts? Can the cloud help scientists and researchers? Recent… Read more »

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Innovation and Adaptibility in Organizational Culture

Have you ever heard of buzzword bingo? Where you and your co-workers make a bingo card of words or phrases like “touch base” and “data driven” and “Scalable” and “Proactive” and “Paradigm,” then head into a meeting and see who can hit a bingo? Well, it’s a real thing. I mention it because buzzword bingo… Read more »


Does the President’s Budget Matter for States?

On February 2nd, the President unveiled his new $4 trillion proposed budget for FY 2016. Obviously the federal government was paying close attention, but state and local governments were also on high alert. The reason? Simple: the President’s budget also provides funding to states and localities in several different areas like transportation, education and infrastructure…. Read more »


Capture The Flag, Capture Your Data

The data is at the endpoint, waiting to be “captured” and analyzed when new tagging rules arise. Now, you can only tag sensitive data. Team members aren’t aware of the new rules or fully engaged and in result, abnormal activities start to occur while the data is in motion. Outsiders now have the data, staying… Read more »

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The Tech Loop

Tech Loop is a weekly compilation of the latest happenings in government technology gathered from around the web. This week’s topics include cybersecurity, Internet of Things, net neutrality, and cloud. Cybersecurity Per usual, cybersecurity is the talk of the town at all levels of government. The White House is officially launching its cyber agency, the… Read more »


Is Big Data the Same as Dirty Data?

Conversations on Big Data is a series of discussions about using analytics in creative and interesting ways that the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government designed to broaden the perspective about quantitative analytics. Wikipedia defines Big Data as “…an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so… Read more »


Organic Mentoring: Growing Mentoring Relationships Naturally

For every Luke Skywalker there is an Obi-Wan Kenobi (or Yoda) and for every Justin Bieber there is an Usher. These pairs each shared a mentor-mentee relationship. Without this special bond, neither party would have achieved the accomplishments (I use the term accomplishments loosely for our latter mentee subject) they are so well known for… Read more »