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Military Extends Communications to the Community

Have you every wondered what’s happening behind the secured walls of a military base? Who lives there? Oftentimes, life on a military base can be very isolating from the neighboring community. It’s often difficult for service members to integrate themselves effectively with the surrounding community and vice versa. But that’s all changing. Thanks in large… Read more »


Enable Technology-Powered Law Enforcement

It might seem counterintuitive that police departments are simultaneously trying to leverage more personal community relationships and deploying new technologies as means to decrease crime. Those two tactics seem like they would directly conflict with each other. In fact, a recent IBM report explains that investing in new technologies actually helps police departments better reach… Read more »


Improving Government Operations One Open Data Mandate at a Time

Open data mandates and federal records management are becoming more of a prominent issue on the government’s research agenda. With so much data and information the government brings in on a daily basis, it’s imperative that agencies stay organized. According to Hudson Hollister, Founder and Executive Director of Data Transparency Coalition, “Open data mandates and… Read more »

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Making a Difference in Government and You Get to Stay in Your PJs

Do you ever find yourself laying in bed or sitting in front of the TV thinking, “If I could only get a chance, I’d make a difference”? Well, believe it or not, you can! In fact, you can stay in your PJs, in the comfort of your dorm room, and make a difference in the… Read more »