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Part 1: World Class Organizations, Are You Missing Something?

I am attending the Florida Sterling Council’s Annual Conference in Orlando next week as a Sterling Examiner going into my fourth year. Sterling is the Florida Governor’s version of the nationally recognized Malcom Baldrige Presidential program; they are not-for-profit and serve both public and private entities. Both programs are dedicated to improving the performance of… Read more »

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Federal Agencies Must Treat Customer Experience As A Business Discipline

By now we all know that federal customer experience (CX) is disastrously weak, and that improving it will boost both agency operations and the health of the political system. We’ve also seen some pockets of hope popping up, as I predicted a few months ago. For instance: The Department of Education’s new portal is complete,… Read more »

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Case Studies on Smart Communities

During GovLoop’s May 21 online training, Become A Smart Community Using Tools You Have, But Probably Don’t Know About, Esri’s Director of Government Markets, Christopher Thomas, and Hub Program Manager, Brenda Wolfe, demonstrated how geospatial technology enhances efficiency across the public sector. GIS apps on the ArcGIS platform are immediately deployable and easily configured for… Read more »


Using the Force in Government

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Actually, this is happening right here in our government. Yes, it’s true: DoD has become the new and modern Death Star! Okay, maybe not quite. But there is a super laser technology now used by the Navy, thanks to Peter Morrison, Program Officer at the… Read more »

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3 Non-Defensive Tricks For Dealing With Tricky Coworkers

When I got my first career-path job after college, there was a lot I didn’t know about working in an office full of people who came from different backgrounds. I’d just moved to California and my New York communication style could come off as brash and blunt. I was often defensive and I unintentionally put people on the defensive…. Read more »

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Digital Engagement Series Part 3: Build Your Brand

Originally posted on the GovDelivery blog. You have learned how to create and implement organizational objectives and develop a target audience. The next step is to unfold your brand.Step three of the public engagement series will give you a better understanding of what branding means to government organizations and how to set a foundation for all… Read more »

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10 Ways You Can Manage Across Generations

There are four different generations working in government today—Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. When approaching working outside of our own generation, we often have a tendency to rely on stereotypes (i.e. Traditionalists will never accept change and Millennials are unreliable job hoppers) and that can ruin great partnerships before they ever get started…. Read more »

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“Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit”

This nontechnical riddle took me a while to figure out. This saying floats around in the halls and offices of every building. For me, it resounds on all occasions when I have met with management. Agencies’ management is whipsawed between necessary compromise to face budget cuts and changing priorities at the same time. Compromise, in… Read more »