4 Professional Development Opportunities Outside the Office

While we hope our employers will invest in us by providing leadership opportunities and professional development, it is important to seek out opportunities ourselves beyond the workplace. The advantages to professional development outside of your office include the following: Broader network – Working with folks outside of your organization expands your personal and professional network…. Read more »

Girl with a pipette in a lab University Hospital

Mapping Molecules to Fight Cancer

In 2015, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 1.6 million new cancer diagnoses. While individual prospects of survival have drastically improved over the past decade, there’s still much more for doctors to learn about the disease. Generalized treatments for a variety of cancers have had mild success, but scientists and doctors… Read more »


Enabling Agile Project Management at DoD

To support that constant evolution of JIE and other projects, DoD’s project management strategies must become more adaptive. Some defense leaders have already realized this and included a mandate for that dexterity in the 2010 Defense Authorization Act. The act states, “The Secretary of Defense shall develop and implement a new acquisition process for information technology… Read more »

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5 Ways To Eliminate Ums and Improve Your Public Speaking Credibility

You want your presentations to show others that you’re credible, confident, and engaging. Using disfluencies such as um, uh, ah, eh, er, etc. erodes your speech. They bore audiences and make them question if you know what you’re talking about. Think you don’t use disfluencies? Use your Smartphone to record yourself; you may be surprised by the results…. Read more »


Riding Mobility’s Third Wave

Ever wished you could do your work from your own iPad instead of a work computer? Or wanted to get an electronic signature instead of filing hard paperwork? Maybe even send inspection reports remotely from your phone or tablet? If you’re in the private sector, these sorts of workplace mobility functions are likely old news… Read more »