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Managing Stress in the Workplace: 3 Steps to Refill Your Resilience Tank

Stress in the workplace is always a hot topic. The normal day to day pressures of the job along with the new accepted norm of doing more with less has taken the expectation of performing under pressure to new levels.When I was looking for real solutions on how to handle stress in the workplace I… Read more »

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What Kind of Leader Are You?

There are three types of leaders. Each is successful in a different context, says Dr. Michael Maccoby, a renowned business advisor who is both an organizational psychologist and anthropologist. And you need all three on your organization’s top management team. Drawing on nearly five decades of research and experience in both government and the private… Read more »

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The #1 Secret Tool for Working Better with Anyone

Somedays, don’t you just wish you had a magic wand that would make everything better with the people you work with? A magic formula, a secret potion that would make the work go better, and your working relationships run smoother? Guess what?  There is! One of the simplest yet most effective practices to improve your… Read more »

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When Good Isn’t Good Enough – Cyber Edition

In the wake of the OPM breach back in June, the federal government has been scrambling to patch cybersecurity vulnerabilities across the country. Federal CIO Tony Scott ordered a 30-day sprint, which tasked government agencies with addressing known vulnerabilities and establishing multistep authentication security frameworks. But as cyber threats against the government grow more advanced,… Read more »

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3 Reasons why Millennials Can’t Skimp on Retirement Savings

We’ve all thrown money away on outlandish purchases. As a freshman in college, I was a student worker earning minimum wage. Naturally, I thought spending a cool $500 on skateboarding sneakers was reasonable. I did not skate, mind you, but that’s beside the point. My supervisor at the time, perhaps sensing a perilous financial future,… Read more »


12 of Jon Stewart’s Greatest Government Interviews on The Daily Show

Lauded as the “last honest newsman” by some and decried as a tool of the Obama administration by others, whether you like him or not, Jon Stewart has long been one of the country’s most influential political comedians. Over the last 16 years, Jon Stewart has welcomed many government agency big shots into the interview hot seat on The Daily Show. Though… Read more »

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Improving Your Image Through Internal PR

Is your department, division, or team chronically looked down upon by others in your organization? Sure, some of it might be your primary function (i.e. if you’re responsible for performance improvement plans, discipline, or firing, you’re probably not very popular). Similarly, it could be the amount of time it takes you to complete your duties… Read more »


Succeeding in Government Work: Lessons Learned from Leslie Knope

In case you missed it, NBC’s Parks and Recreation aired its final episode this year after seven seasons of inspirational and hilarious tales of city government workers in small-town America. Leslie Knope (as played by Amy Poehler) – my favorite character and one of my government heroes – is the Deputy Director of the Parks… Read more »

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The Positives and Perils of the Unpaid Internship

As 2015 graduates enter the workforce this summer, let’s talk about a contentious topic: the unpaid internship. There are a myriad of opinions for and against unpaid internships, and there are compelling arguments for each position. While interns gain industry experience that could possibly result in fulltime employment, the unpaid aspect can seem exploitative. Indeed,… Read more »

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10 USAJOBS Tips That Will Get You a Federal Job

A lot of people are looking for federal jobs today, and if you’re one of these people it’s important to look before you leap. Before you apply, make sure you scrutinize the announcement like an eagle scrutinizes a rabbit before swooping down to catch it and eat it. Scrutinize all you want, but please don’t… Read more »