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Grade Gov’s Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are not just report cards. Employees often feel like performance reviews are just a waste of time because they seem to provide little feedback to truly enhance the agency’s mission. Performance reviews can also provide an avenue for communication within the agency. They can provide a way for both employees and leaders to… Read more »

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Finding the Security Balance in the Internet of Things

Finding the balance between privacy and security has never been more of an issue than it is today — especially in the wake of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which allows machines to interact with each other through signaling systems. These machine interactions allow IoT to embrace a technological revolution unlike anything we’ve seen… Read more »

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Add An Awesome Accelerator to Your Leadership Tools

Recognition is something that everyone desires and seeks when they perform on and off the job. Recognition helps us meet a significant ego need we all have. When our performance also meets our personal needs, our motivation to continue good performance is significantly increased. By combining recognition with any of these tools it serves as… Read more »