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Everyone Lied: There IS an “I” In Team!

You have been living in a world of lies since kindergarten. From the time you thought paste was a member of the food pyramid, you were taught that there is no “I” in team. And while the spelling bee members of your team were correct — the letter I is not actually in the word — those… Read more »


5 Questions to Ask Departing Federal Employees

Last week, I explored how federal agencies can use HR data to build predictive models to evaluate and reduce costly employee turnover. An article published in Business Insider this month described how HR software company Workday built an app to help employers do just that. Workday claims its software can not only predict who is… Read more »


Federal Talent Acquisition and Performance Management — People Analytics is the Way Forward

When I talk with federal human capital officers about some of the challenges agencies face confronting the prospect of moving toward a more analytical approach to federal talent acquisition and federal performance management, here’s some of what I hear: – “I know it’s important, but the thought of really ‘doing’ Talent or People Analytics is… Read more »


Networking in a New Way for a New Career

India, with population of approximately 1.3 billion (as per 2012 estimates), is a huge market in terms of searching a new career for yourself. When you will look around you will realize that hundreds of people have applied for the same job listed on an online job portal or local newspaper. All applicants are your… Read more »


Three Steps to Securing Your Data

The following post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent industry perspective, Protecting Your Data in the Cloud. In the brief, we examine the challenges of cybersecurity in multi-tenant cloud environments, and offer three steps to achieving data transparency and security. According to Sol Cates, Chief Security Officer at Vormetric, agencies must take three steps to… Read more »


The Government’s A Joker

According the Government Accountability Office (GAO)’s recently released “Annual Report 2015: Additional Opportunities to Reduce Fragmentation, Overlap, and Duplication, and Achieve Other Financial Benefits”, the government’s a joker. It’s trying to juggle a million different programs, but it can’t quite keep them all under control. Nicky Clowers, Director of Financial Markets and Community Investment Issues… Read more »