How Government Can Prepare For Future Change

From natural disasters and emergencies to advancing technology and new legislation, government agencies need to prepare and build for change to better serve their constituents. With budget cuts, pay freezes, and limited resources, this is not always easy. So how, exactly, do agencies prepare for the future? What processes need to be in place? What technology needs to be implemented to ensure agencies can quickly adapt to change? What priorities, if any, should should shift and how does the role of the public sector employee change?

The answer for many government organizations is focusing on human-centric IT, which is the primary idea behind our new infographic. Human-centric IT means creating IT systems that connect people to process to transform how they deliver services to constituents. It means adopting technology that can support specialized business needs so you can derive new insights from data, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. Finally, it means automating processes so public sector employees can focus on more substantial, mission-critical projects, and less on the tedious tasks. Basically, it means moving from a traditionalist agency to a transformative one.

By focusing on human-centric IT, government can become more responsive and better serve constituents. There are several great examples of this including one from Transport Management Centre, (TMC) which controls all traffic operations in a region which includes more than 18,000 kilometers of roads. Previously, when major traffic incidents occurred, staff was given incomplete information, changes were constant, but not streamlined, and response time was slow and inefficient. Using a human-centric model, and Pega’s Build for Change Technology, TMC was able to better prioritize activities and respond to events. Plus, the agency reports improved overall citizen service levels and reduced costs. I encourage you to check out the full case study of their centralized system here.

The human-centric IT model enables government to be more responsive and proactive to citizen and operation needs. Check out the interactive infographic to the right to learn more. Simply click on the image to view the full interactive version, which contains more great government case studies.

Pega is the best platform for modernizing government case-centric applications. We enable government agencies to uniquely address one of their most critical challenges, – the need to respond predictably and timely to continuous change. With Pega, agencies improve their ability to respond to change by 5X by automating the documentation, automating the programming, and automating the work. Government organizations around the globe are powering transformation at every level using Pega. Learn more at

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