How One Government Improved Its Data Theft Prevention and Security

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As organizations move data to the cloud and federal regulations follow, data loss prevention has failed to adapt to the mobile era of today.

Data loss prevention can bring productivity to a halt, especially in an environment where there are more drivers of data than ever. Agencies need a way to enable mobile, multiplatform workflows that are still secure – and today, data loss prevention falls short.

Fortunately, there are innovative technologies in the fight against network attackers and a new strategy that is suitable for today’s workforce. Dynamic Data Protection can pick up the slack where DLP lags.

Sweden’s Borlänge Municipality was able to improve its data protection abilities using Dynamic Data Protection and with the help of Forcepoint, a leader in delivering human-centric cybersecurity solutions.

Here’s how:

For quite some time, data theft prevention and data security had been on the agenda for the IT team at Sweden’s Borlänge Municipality. For a government organization, it was especially crucial that Borlänge meet strict compliance regulations. When the existing information security solution in Borlänge had reached the end of support, the IT team started a serious search for a new and more advanced platform.

After a thorough selection process, Borlänge selected Forcepoint. Since then, Borlänge’s ability to protect its data has improved significantly without increasing pressure on IT management.

“With Forcepoint, we have a greatly enhanced insight into the security risks, which have been mitigated,” Jan Stegaras, IT Operations Manager for the Borlänge Municipality, said. “The solution provides excellent reporting capabilities and is easy to manage. Also, the support from Forcepoint always provides exactly what we need, when we need it. We are very happy with this platform and convinced we have made the right choice.”

Forcepoint’s unified approach is one of the reasons why Borlänge selected this solution.

“Up until now we were very much focused on providing maximum security in a reactive manner. Now we are ready to take the next step and secure our systems more proactively. Forcepoint provides the tools necessary for this process.”  – Jan Stegaras, IT Operations Manager, Borlänge municipality.


Learn more about Data Theft Prevention here.

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Avatar photo Mark Hensch

Thanks for bringing light to this issue Uyen! It’s always cool seeing how governments overseas innovate. I’m glad to hear about how Borlange Municipality tackled this issue.