How-To: Adjust Your GovLoop Email Settings

As GovLoop grows, so does the amount of activity on the site. Many of the default email settings are designed to encourage collaboration and to help you know in real-time when an update has been made to a Group, Blog or Forum where you have posted content or made a comment.

But let’s be honest: the sheer volume of emails that you receive from a social network like GovLoop can be overwhelming. That’s why I put together this quick blog post to help you adjust your email settings so that you can feel like you have some control over the flow of awesomeness.

1. Go to Settings from the homepage.

2. Go to Email from the My Settings page.

3. General Email Settings

The first thing that you can do is adjust the general emails that you get (shown below). They are all pretty straight forward. The only one that might require some explanation is “A message sent to multiple recipients.” Basically, this means that you can choose to receive (or not) a message that might be sent from one of your friends to all of his/her friends.

Recommendation: At minimum, keep “A personal message”, “A message from GovLoop – Social Network for Government” and “A comment on my page” checked.

4. Requests and Invitations

These are all pretty straightforward:

5. Content and Members

Do you want to know when you get special recognition from the community? Be sure to keep these first three checked – especially that last one…so that you can greet one of the friends that you invited to GovLoop!

6. Moderation

In a previous post on “How-To: Adjust Your GovLoop Privacy Settings“, I showed you how to moderate comments. The first box relates to that function. You can also control new items or members that are joining groups you’ve created. Ignore that last one – it’s just for an Admin.

7. Activity

If you add any content like blogs or forum discussions, you’ll probably want to know when people comment…so I’d recommend that you keep these checked. I am very active in the community, so I have not checked “On items I comment on” (imagine my Inbox!)…but you may want to see the updates to ongoing conversations where you have made a contribution.

8. Turn Off All

Don’t do it!! Seriously, we’d hate for you to check this one…but if you feel like the number of messages from the site are too much for you, and you’d just prefer to visit the site occasionally to see what’s happening, then this is the box to check.

NOTE 1: Be sure to hit Save once you’ve made your changes!!!

NOTE 2: You may also receive the GovLoop Weekly every Thursday. If you wish to make changes to the way in which you receive those messages, scroll to the bottom of the newsletter, as shown below.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

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Caryn Wesner-Early

Thank you! Is there any way to tailor settings to specific groups? In particular, although I regard most GovLoop content as work-safe, I don’t know that I could justify reading updates from Geeks in Gov’t at work! I’d like either to discontinue that update without discontinuing all the other ones, or, ideally, get those sent to my home address. Thanks for all the improvements you, Steve, and whoever else is working on it has made!

Andrew Krzmarzick

Great questions, Caryn. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to control your settings for individuals groups. 🙁