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How-To: Add Tags to Appear on GovLoop’s Topics Pages

Raise your hand if you’ve noticed the new Topics Pages and find them useful! In a previous post, I shared with you “How-To: Use Tags Like a GovLoop Rockstar”, where I explained the importance of using quotes (i.e. “Government 2.0”) and hyphens (Government-2.0) to hold together your tags. With this post, I want to giveRead… Read more »

The need for social media training is larger than ever

I had the honor of chatting with the Boston SPIN group yesterday during their monthly meeting. The group, primarily engineering minded professionals, developers, QA, project managers, turned out to hear me discuss the topic of extending thought leadership positions via social media. Now, to be honest with you, I had expected to have a smallRead… Read more »

How-To: Get Your Blog Featured on GovLoop

Over the past few weeks, we have been impressed with the increasing number of excellent, original blog posts on GovLoop. Collectively, the insight and expertise of the people gathered in this community is nothing short of extraordinary. A couple days ago, I read and commented on 4-5 posts that cover topics like leadership, collaboration, innovationRead… Read more »

How-To: Adjust Your GovLoop Email Settings

As GovLoop grows, so does the amount of activity on the site. Many of the default email settings are designed to encourage collaboration and to help you know in real-time when an update has been made to a Group, Blog or Forum where you have posted content or made a comment. But let’s be honest:Read… Read more »

How-To: Adjust Your GovLoop Privacy Settings

Like other social networks, GovLoop allows you to adjust your privacy settings and control who sees your activity in the community. 1. Go to Settings from the homepage. 2. Go to Privacy from the My Settings page. 3. Scroll down the page and adjust your settings – Don’t forget to hit Save after you’ve madeRead… Read more »

“Go! GovLoop for New Members”…& Old Pros!

Those who’ve been around for a while may have heard my story about coming up to speed on GovLoop and what I learned in the process (an early blog about it here). Seeking help, I reached out to Steve Ressler, who suggested doing a few basic things to get connected. Adriel Hampton, was also supportive.Read… Read more »

Greenies’ Guide to GovLoop Favorites

Like many people, I like to know what friends find interesting, especially when it leads new places. While Twitter and other sites are great for that, you can also browse the profiles of GovLoop friends to see what’s got their attention. Looking for posts with lots of comments (usually tagged “mostcomment”) is fine, but you’llRead… Read more »