How to Be Open and Agile – Notes from OGI – Cory Ondrejka

So I’m here at Open Gov and Innovations and just heard the keynote Cory Ondrejka talk about Open and Agile.

Here’s my notes:
-It’s hard to be fearless
-Hard to lead fearlessly
-Get others to follow your examples
-How can we keep up in an accelerated world
-People predict linear growth, but reality is discontinuous
-Usually less short term change than people think
-But more long term change that happens exponentially eventually
-Failure is necessary
-Fail fast, cheap, publicly
-Staying out of weeds, have flexibility to try new things, and managing change reqs
-Odds of getting a successful launch – 1/n – n being number of years to launch
-Plural of anecdote is not evidence

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Srinidhi Boray

Open, transparent, accountable all these certain noble character to ensure that one will loose home sooner or later. And, then live a agile life under the great expanse of the sun.

Need more than cliches and platitudes 🙂