Success Stories of the Cloud in Action

Live blogging from Cloud Computing Summit…

Session – Success Stories of the Cloud in Action

Draw the lines on cloud
-what goes into it. not mission critical systems

Nebula – NASA
-Research class cloud
-Looking to solve problems in the future
-How cheap storage is
-Everything in platform is open source and releasing it

Customer and public facing information in cloud first

Themes we heard from yesterday’s cloud sessions
-This is not anything news..
-How is truly different from the past?
-IT department becomes obsolete with the cloud

Paperwork is not real work…If it can be turned into productivity, that is a good thing.
Be on the side of getting more value….not

CIO will not be operating servers that you own
-Position becomes more difficult and may actually need more people
-As team goes to solve problems, there are solutions that are free. Which is hard to beat. Real innovative solutions that solve problem. And you have to put them together.
-Tension – if you can’t provide a service for your employees less than cost of Amazon, you are in trouble
-Need to adapt to this new reality

3 platforms
-Desktop computing
-Enterprise computing – data centers
-Custom development work

Added research computing environment – b/c scientists were buying Linux boxes for research projects

Nebula targeting research customers – needs variable

Salesforce Chatter – 1500 to 2000 people needed to collaborate
-Going to build in Salesforce Chatter at no cost

Some data centers are servers under people desks
-No C&A, no NIST certificates

Cloud will enable organizations that can’t pay for infrastructure to catch up and get to mandates that they haven’t been able to

State Dept – spent $133 million to C&A 100 systems
-Cloud vendors will provide that as part of cost

Everything in HHS cloud is public data
-not personal health information

Moderate is the place to go
-Start w/ platforms where data is public

Put the transparency projects in the cloud. Take open government plans and answers in the cloud.

Enterprise will be more secure in cloud b/c of exceptions and all small boxes not on the network
-Hidden problems become public

What’s Difference b/w Cloud and Virtualization?
-If users can provision their own machine, that’s a cloud

5 key differences b/w Cloud and Virtualization
-Metered – pay for what you get
-Elastic – if not doing anything, takes no power
-User provisionable
-Interact w/ it via API and standard protocols
-Infinite nature of it as a resource

If start at moderate NIST standards, 80% of gov’t needs – PII level
-10% – public facing data
-10% – S, TS clearance, etc

It’s hard to keep data centers going and also go cloud
-Have to figure what to turn down on data center side

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