How to Build Resilient Communities [Infographic]

Technology is changing the way your municipality prepares, responds and mitigates the impacts of a crisis. Cloud, mobile and geographic information systems (GIS) have been game-changers for government. They are helping governments leverage technology to build resilient communities. But what happens when cloud, mobile and GIS are viewed as integrative solutions rather than operating silos?

The intersection of these technologies creates tremendous value for your community – explore our infographic to find out how cloud-based ECM, mobile and GIS are helping local government become more resilient.

View below or click here to download a PDF.

How is your community leveraging technology to build resiliency?

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Ray MacNeil

Peter Senge recently said in a presentation “tools don’t transform, tool users transform”…. if you agree, then the emphasis on technology in this slide will invoke a less than positive reaction. Resilience is almost never about technology in and of itself.

Pat Fiorenza

Thanks for you comments, Ray. I think there’s two sides of the equation – technology and people. You can’t have just one or the other. I’d be interested to check out Peter’s slides, if you can find a link, be great to check out. I wrote a few blogs on this topic last month, be interested in your thoughts and thanks again for the comment!



Paul J Casey

This is an interesting and timely infographic. Thank you! As the Director, Northeast Resiliency Consortium we are going to be looking at resiliency for individuals, communities and three specific business sectors, Healthcare, IT and Energy & the Environment. These are the kinds of materials that will be very helpful!