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Jumpstarting Your Community With IT

  State and local governments face a challenge when deploying new IT solutions. CIOs must build the right digital services that their constituents demand, and also must design IT systems and architectures that actually support the new services – all in an environment of tight budgets and staff reductions. Faced with these internal and externalRead… Read more »

3 Foundations of Government: Accurate, Accountable and Accessible

Digitizing documents is one way government can cut costs and increase efficiencies During one of my first weeks at GovLoop, I remember conducting an interview with a recently retired government employee. She had incredible experiences and not only provided me a great interview on customer service, but gave some exceptional career advice as well. “GetRead… Read more »

How to Build Resilient Communities [Infographic]

Technology is changing the way your municipality prepares, responds and mitigates the impacts of a crisis. Cloud, mobile and geographic information systems (GIS) have been game-changers for government. They are helping governments leverage technology to build resilient communities. But what happens when cloud, mobile and GIS are viewed as integrative solutions rather than operating silos?Read… Read more »

3 Ways to Connect People to Process for IT Excellence

This is part two of a blog series focused on the importance on making the right IT deployment decisions to drive innovation, and focusing on connecting people to process while making IT investment decisions. Read part 1 here. Improvements to government services are powered by these kinds of technology adoptions. But the element that weRead… Read more »

Why ECM is Essential to Developing Your Government Web Portal

Government web portals have transformed the way that government engages with constituents. Due to advancements in the private sector, constituents are now use to conducting basic services online. Portals can become the one-stop-shops to access government services. As more and more people leverage the web to interact with government, it is now expected that governmentRead… Read more »