How-To: Communicate via Social Media with Minimal Budget & Reduced Staff

Citiies on social media with over 500+

-fans on facebook - 16%
-followers on twitter - 9%
Local gov is often late to game
City of Reno
-Around the Arch blog
-Wordpress blog - one click install
-iframe site in their blog
-28,000 views on YouTube channels
Get a government YouTube channel - [email protected]
-get additional branding
-can upload longer videos
Google Fiber for Communities project proved that social media works for cities
-45 days - submit your city
-Created a Facebook page for it - facebook.com/renogigabit
-Reno - 6,131 FB fans. Vegas only 700 fans or so.
Staffing considerations
-PIO/PR - become a generalist
-General PIO, Public Safety PIO, Parks & Rec PIO
-Television production staff - 2 people
-Incorporate into existing projects
-Traditional plus social media
-Challenge from too formal to too informal
-Way to get people to care and engage - typos

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