How-To: Maximize Your GovLoop Mojo

Over the holidays, we created a series of videos designed to offer an overview of GovLoop and help members to get the most out of their community experience. Consider it a belated Christmas gift or an early Valentine. BIG thanks to Joseph Porcelli (fellow GovLoop’er and Neighbors for Neighbors rockstar), who led the production process. We hope these videos are especially helpful for new members to the site…but even seasoned veterans of GovLoop may learn a thing or two. So check them out and let us know if you’d like to see similar tutorials that improve your navigation of the site…you know, that maximize your GovLoop mojo! 😉

1. Why Is GovLoop So Awesome?

2. Welcome to GovLoop

3. How-To: Invite Colleagues to Join GovLoop

4. How-To: Find Awesome People on GovLoop

5. How-To: Find Cool Content on GovLoop

6. What’s the Difference Between Blogs, Groups and Forums?

7. How-To: Set Up Groups and Events

8. How-To: Embed a Video Anywhere on GovLoop

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