How To – Shoot Video Quickly, Cheaply, and Professionally

New How-To – How to shoot video quickly, cheaply, and professionally.

A quick video with David Patterson of the Merritt Group on how they shoot video blog posts.

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John Spady

I would welcome a second video with more information on software/hardware, tips, tricks, and how to shoot, edit, upload, and promote.

Karisa Rojas-Norton

I agree with John. As our city cuts back on expenditures related to public and community affairs, what kind of free editing software/hardware is available to help out public administrators on a shoestring budget? At this point, the most I’ve got to work with is a generic flip-style video camera and old digital camera. I welcome any ideas or links to grants for communications =)

Charles Knickerbocker

Ditto on the request for hardware/software recommendations and narratives of experiences, ie. “lessons learned the hard way…”