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How Workforce Engagement Management Can Optimize CX

To deliver secure, personalized experiences to citizens, agencies need to focus on the human side of the call center. The goal is not just to make agents more efficient but to build an organizational culture that employees love.

That’s the idea behind workforce engagement management. WEM gives you a performance management system that lets you see what your best agents are doing right. That way, you can provide individualized coaching and training on those skills. It enables you to manage calls, analyze data and recommend actions that drive performance in real time.

For example, the Maximus Genesys Multicloud CXment Platform is a full-featured omnichannel engagement solution that meets Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) requirements.

Workforce engagement management (WEM) focuses on the human side of your call center to improve employee engagement. It helps you build a company culture that employees love. And it simplifies operations and increases efficiency. –Genesys

Traditional WEM solutions were built in the voice-only era; they often fail to deliver on digital channel requirements. Instead, those WEM tools handle each channel in isolation. The Genesys WEM solution supports all communication channels and work items within a single application, allowing you to efficiently manage your entire employee journey — from recruiting and scheduling to development.

The Maximus Genesys Engagement Platform uses agencies’ historical data and numerous forecast methodologies to predict volume with incredible accuracy. It automatically chooses the best results and generates a corresponding staffing plan — all in a single click.

Intraday monitoring and real-time adherence views let you track outliers and react accordingly. The built-in suite of quality management tools ensures you can evaluate digital and voice interactions to give your agents great coaching and your constituents great service. Smart features offer agents deep context so they can provide exceptional experiences, taking your agency to the next generation of knowledge management.

Below are the main benefits of workforce engagement management solutions:

Engage employees with workforce management

Meet all your forecasting and scheduling needs with a single solution. Accurately track and manage your agents’ schedule adherence and shrinkage. Offer your agents more flexibility with the opportunity to bid on and trade shifts. With a user-friendly interface, you’ll go beyond workforce optimization — straight into workforce engagement.

Enhance service with quality management

Move the needle on citizen experience and employee engagement to improve your overall service delivery. You can monitor quality and evaluate agent performance on a periodic and consistent basis while minimizing evaluator effort through automated interactions.

Enforce the periodic and consistent review of agents and workgroups across the organization. Use the robust and intuitive form designer to easily design, modify and preview forms with reusable libraries. And out-of-the-box quality management reports let you measure evaluator and agent performance — and define custom reports.

Maintain information with recording

Recording is deployed in conjunction with the Engagement Platform software and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) server for calls and agent screens. Native and seamless integration with Genesys SIP and media ensures you never lose a call.

This blog post is an excerpt from a partner spotlight e-book, “ Optimize your citizen experience: A FedRAMP-Authorized Contact Center Solution,” download the full e-book here.


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Avatar photo Nicole Blake Johnson

Thanks for sharing, Uyen! Workforce engagement management is a concept I’ve heard of, but I didn’t know it had a name. This seems to be a critical part of knowledge management as well, capturing what good people do well while they are still at your organization. Very interesting.