If I Had…

I used to say “If I” a lot…

If I was the boss. If I had a million dollars. If I was the president. If I was the head coach of the team.

As I get older, I keep on thinking it’s easy to criticize those with “If I”

Now I’m focused more on getting into the right roles to do the change.

Because I think the decisions are always more nuanced and difficult than one would think.

And I think they’ll be fun to figure out and decide.


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Andrew Krzmarzick

For being just a two letter word, “if” is incredibly powerful…

It’s packed with possibility…especially when used to ask “What if…?” That’s really the beginning of all innovation, eh?

And I like how “yes” and “if” are the same word in Spanish – “si.” It tends to connote that there’s nothing that is impossible…if we put our minds to it. 🙂

Emi Whittle

Yes, criticism is easy! Actually doing something and effecting change is much harder!

Its easy to say “Well, Obama is doing that wrong…” or “Our bosses are doing that wrong….” “They should do blah instead….” “Man, our nation is going into the pits! What’s wrong with our leaders?!”

BUT, then ask, well, what should be done? And would YOU be able to do it?….. Not standing on the outside shouting criticisms! That won’t fix anything.

Walk a mile in another man’s shoes before you tell him how to fix the road….

I’ll say it yet again… Everything in life is a trade off – any change, and even staying the same – it all comes with a trade off somewhere….

Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

Steve, I think you’re on the right track… “If I” has a certain arrogance to it in that “I” thinks it knows better than others. Yes, people have different vantage points on the same problem or challenge, and I may not have all the information. But people who are willing to say what they see, do the dirty work even if they don’t see it fully or agree completely, and continue to contribute completely from their talents, experiences, and insights… I’m convinced that those are the truly valued members of any organization or group.