EPA Open Strategy & Request for Input

Yesterday, I spoke to Lisa Schlosser, EPA Director of Information Collection, on the recently epa.gov/open and their request for input in their open government plan

What excites you most about Open Government?
Having the opportunity to reach out to so many members of the environmental community of interest is extremely exciting – we need engagement with many thought leaders to succeed in our mission. Also, as a career Federal SES, it is really awesome to see an idea envisioned by transformational leaders, like Beth Noveck, Aneesh Chopra, and Cass Sunstein, come to reality in such a big way.

What do you think are the biggest challenges?
We need to capitalize on the momentum of the moment to continuously institutionalize the concepts of transparency, collaboration, and participation in all of our processes.


I’m writing you because you’ve asked us to keep you informed about our activities. Now we need your help to serve you even better.

Under President Obama’s Open Government Directive, we’re taking several steps to be more transparent and work with you to protect the environment. But we won’t come up with all the best thinking on our own.

Until March 19, we’re specifically looking for good ideas about what to put into our open government plan, how to assess the quality of our information, and prioritize what we publish.

So please
join the conversation on our new open government Web site .

You’ll find a link to our idea collection system, where you’ll also be able to vote and comment on other people’s ideas, plus:

  • innovative ways we’re working with you
  • recent data we’ve published
  • links to our various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Keith Moore

We’ve learned first hand that EPA has some genuine interests in seeing that the Open Government Directive change the way the agency interfaces with the public. Your input counts. We at Open Government TV will do our part to encourage public input.