In a Wordle: “I work for the government because…”

When members join GovLoop, they complete the statement “I work for the government because…” In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, I pulled your responses together in the Wordle below. What stands out to you?

You can see similar responses in Steve’s “Why Do You Serve? Video Edition” based on videos we captured of people on the Mall yesterday.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

Notice that “love people” in the lower right…not that they go together, but I think its appropriate. Also, what was not visualized well, but appeared regularly was “make a difference.”

Any other words strike you…or surprise you?

Amanda Blount

OK This is why I love this site… such really cool toys! 🙂 All the words which appear do not surprise me, but I am sure some words would surprise those outside the Government.