In Case You Missed It: Making the Case for ECM [Infographics]

This year, GovLoop and Hyland set out to create a series of infographics highlighting the power of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in government. Along with our blog posts, these infographics show how ECM is transforming the way government does business. Below I’ve provided a quick synopsis of each, and be sure to click the link to visit the infographic.

1. How Enterprise Content Management Software is Transforming the Public Sector:

Government is certainly in a transitional period as to how services are delivered, and core to this transition is freeing government of the burden of paper, and placing government employees on high value tasks, leaving the monotonous work to technology. This infographic explores what ECM is and how it is transforming the public sector. (Download PDF)

2. Exploring How Enterprise Content Management Improves Workflows and Organizational Efficiencies

In this infographic, GovLoop and Hyland take a deep-dive look at workflows. This infographic takes a look how agencies capture information, manage content and then can leverage ECM to transform and re-imagine government. Constituents engage with government in a variety of ways, and with ECM, the content can be managed, stored, and government can improve the way services are delivered to constituents. (Download PDF)

3. The Road to the City on the Hill

The City on the Hill metaphor has been used in politics, literature and religion as a means to inspire people to build a city which other communities look to emulate. As public servants, we are constantly yearning to create this City. Government institutions on the path to creating the City on the Hill have not only created a culture of openness, transparency and efficiency, but have also implemented the right technology and tools to support these initiatives. This infographic shows how to lay the foundation for the City on the Hill. (Download PDF)

4. Preparing for Constituent 2020

The way we engage with government is quickly changing. We use modern and emerging technology in nearly every aspect of our lives, and we expect these services to be available from our government. Our latest infographic helps you define your agency’s IT roadmap to help you prepare for constituent 2020. (Download PDF)

The four infographics show the breadth and depth of ECM, and how it is an essential component to creating the agency of the future. Here are some additional resources on ECM:

More Resources:

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