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Happy Election Day 2012

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  • Tackling the biggest problem at your agency first is a great way to make things more efficient. But agencies can’t seem to get their priorities straight. So what’s the holdup? Deloitte survey 600 feds for the answers. Click here for the full recap.

Yes, it is Election Day 2012. After much talk, the day is finally here.

Dorobek Writes,

A reminder: As you are watching the results coming in, we will be using the Twitter hashtag #VoteGov

And, as I mentioned yesterday, I will be spending election night 2012 at NPR headquarters here in Washington, DC at the invitation of Andy Carvin, NPR’s social media guru.
There will be a number of people there. See who they are here.

We’ll be using the hashtag #NPRmeetup

Regardless, get out there and vote. DorobekINSIDER producer Emily Jarvis waited an hour-and-a-half this morning in Northern Virginia. As Digital Trends writes, in 2012, it is somehow remarkable that we can’t vote online. In fact, many states make it difficult to vote early, for reasons that baffle me.

Why Americans can’t vote on the Internet in the 2012 elections.

But data show that sharing the fact that you are voting encourages others to vote
Click Facebook’s ‘I’m Voting’ Button, Research Shows It Boosts Turnout.

Census data: Why 50 million Americans won’t vote Tuesday, in two charts.

The National Archives allows you to make your own predictions

And look at maps through history

Some election night reading:

  • Guide For The Day: An Election Day Timeline : NPR
  • WashingtonPost.com: The Fix’s Election Night Viewer’s Guide
  • Almost as important as the White House is the Congress. Politico: Senate appears destined to remain in Democratic hands. “Coming out of the final weekend of the campaign, the GOP is still widely expected to fall short Tuesday night. The three- or four-seat gain it needs to make Harry Reid minority leader no longer looks to be in the cards.”
  • Politico: House elections: 10 things to watch – Republicans are likely to keep the (even more polarized) House. “The House is almost certain to remain in Republican control after Tuesday. Yet, even without a change in power, it’s going to look like a very different place in 2013 as a result of once-in-a-decade redistricting, defeats and a surge of retirements. When the dust is settled and the next Congress takes office, there will be more than 60 new faces — at a bare minimum. It’s likely to be a more polarized chamber because of an erosion of centrists and a more inexperienced place, thanks to the departure of a number of senior legislators.”
  • WashingtonPost.com: 50 States: Analysis of key races in all 50 states – The Washington Post
  • Pundit accountability: The official 2012 election prediction thread
  • What kind of president would Obama be in second term?
  • The Washington Post says that as President Obama campaigns through the battleground states in the final hours of Campaign 2012, President Obama tells every audience, “You know where I stand and you know what I believe.” But on election eve, there is still an unanswered question about the president: How would the experience of his first term inform and shape a second? The voters will decide Tuesday whether Obama gets that second term. He appeared to have a slight advantage on the last full day of campaigning but not one big enough to let his supporters relax. As Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman put it on his way into the Nationwide Arena before an Obama rally Monday afternoon, “I’m confident but not comfortable.” With good reason. Republican challenger Mitt Romney continued to fight hard Monday, with five stops in four states and plans for two more events on Tuesday amid hope among his team and supporters that the energy at his rallies will translate into a big GOP turnout and a victory.
  • In Their Words: Imagining the Next Inaugural Address – New York Times

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