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The Nation’s Cybersecurity Is at an Inflection Point

In the aftermath of major cyberattacks that threatened critical infrastructure and national security, President Biden signed an executive order Wednesday that aims to strengthen cyber defenses through increased information sharing with private industry.


That elusive, incredibly valuable quality we call a “leadership brand.” Really, what we mean is “charisma.” What is it? Who has it? How do you get it? Can it be taught, or bought? Or is it something you’re born with? As a little girl I used to watch Sunday morning political TV. I remember howRead… Read more »

Try Crowdsourcing: No Surprises on Election Day

It’s no surprise that local governments are utilizing crowdsourcing to solve some of their biggest problems. Crowdsourcing, after all, uses some of the same basic tenets as democracy: where the decisions that serve a body are governed by the majority. Crowdsourcing is being used as a means to allocate budgets, cut waste, and solve longstandingRead… Read more »

Spain tops European elections online debate

Following on from my previous post, here are the latest trends in the online debate about the forthcoming European elections (based on statistics collected during the last week). The online debate is growing steadily There have been more than 200,000 mentions of the European elections during the last seven days (social media, news sites, blogs,Read… Read more »

Appropriate use of LinkedIn in politics? Should there be a social media electioneering blackout prior to elections?

Yesterday I received the following message from a Linkedin contact: Dear LinkedIn Friend I hope you may be able to help me… Over the coming weeks the Joondalup community will decide who will lead their City for the next four years when Local Government elections are held via postal vote. All electors residing within theRead… Read more »