Joe Jordan Speaks at the Next Generation of Government Summit

The final session of Day Two of Next Generation of Government featured:

  • “Collaborating for Results:” Joe Jordan, Administrator, Federal Procurement Policy
  • “Work On Purpose:” Lara Galinsky, Sr. Vice President, Echoing Green
  • “Attributes of an Olympian:” Adam Nelson, 2-time Olympic Medal Winner, Shot Put

You find all the blog posts from the past two days by following this link. If you want to check out the summit and were unable to attend, the conference is being live streamed on GovLoop, simply head over to the homepage of GovLoop and you’ll find links and resources to follow throughout the day. Since you can’t join us in person, we hope you’ll follow us digitally! Also, follow the conference using @nextgengov and #nextgengov, posting on GovLoop using Nextgen.

Joe Jordan spent some time talking about procurement policy and the importance in the federal government. There is an increasing need for procurement professionals in government. “Fact based data driven analysis,” is one of the keys that Jordan uses, saying that problem identification, analyzing the situation and synthesize what is happening next, is critical to improving the procurement process.

One of the quotes from Jordan’s presentation that I found particularly powerful was, “Put my head down, don’t care who gets the credit, just want to solve the problem, you can a lot of great work done.” Jordan gave a great presentation about how to improve decision making within an organization, and how important it is to make recommendations and decision based on facts, and a rigorous analysis. Joe continued to express the need for proper communication to really bring change in government, “You need to create the win-wins,” Jordan continued, “looking for the keys to win-wins is a key to success.”

Joe closed out with three quick tips

1 – Try to find a mentor that will give you real feedback and development

2 – Finding the win-wins

3 – Stop and smell the roses – enjoy the ride and the experience

Joe gave a great presentation today about how to advice career, and how to drive change within government. Stay tuned on GovLoop, as his presentation will be available to watch in the next few weeks.

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