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Join Us – Announcing the GovLoop May Blog Series

This month GovLoop will be rolling out a blog series, exploring a challenge that we hear all the time in government – government operates in silos. This month we will be having a series of blogs and discussions centered around this topic, exploring the impact of siloed information within each one of our communities on GovLoop. Whether it be state, local, or the federal level of government, agencies need to work together to cut through the red tape and work towards finding collaborative solutions to complex problems. The hope in this blog series is to address some of those issues, and find some tactical tips to help you in your career.

So here is how it is going to work, this month I’ll be writing a post within each one of GovLoop’s communities around the challenges of siloed information, and colleagues will be writing discussions questions in groups across GovLoop.

Here is what you can expect over the course of the next month, and I’d welcome your participation, comments and suggestions for content. I’d love to hear from those in the trenches and facilitate a discussion to help you do your job better.

Acquisition Council: Challenges to Removing Waste & Cutting Cost of Government Contracts
Career Council: Recruiting the Next Generation of Public Sector Employees
Communication Council: The Need for Multi-Channel Customer Service
Human Resources Council: Be Prepared – Planning the Workforce
Leadership Council: Leading Through Culture Change
Project Management Council: Strategies to Encourage Collaboration On Your Team
Tech Council: How Emerging Technology Can Help Break Down Silos

If you want to join in the discussion, be sure to check out and join the following groups – these will be the main groups hosting our discussion questions throughout the month.

Groups Hosting Discussions

Optimize With Oracle
IBM: Analytics to Outcomes
Google for Gov
Microsoft Productivity For Government
GovDelivery: Digital Communications
FCG: Citizen Engagement and Customer Service
HP for Gov

Hope you’ll join me this month!

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Mark Sullivan

Excellent, looking forward to it! As far as suggestions, I would love to see and participate in content around: (1) inter-jurisdictional collaboration; (2) tri-sector solutions to public policy challenges (public, private, non-profit/philanthropic); and (3) HR collaboration with workforce development programs (particular veterans employment programs).

Pat Fiorenza

Great suggestions, Mark. Thanks for your insights. I’ll try to hit on those in either the form or a discussion throughout the month..Thanks again!