Join Us: State and Local Innovators Virtual Summit – Today!


State and local governments pioneered cloud adaption and infrastructure efficiencies. They are at the forefront of innovative citizen engagement strategies and workforce overhauls. And you, the public servants in state and local government, do this while facing budget challenges, resource constraints, and the constant threat of a cyberattack.

Today, we highlight this good work during our FREE Second Annual State and Local Government Innovators Virtual Summit!

This jam-packed day will feature six online trainings designed to inspire innovative thinking and action in your community. All of our trainings, resources, video chats and interactive booths are geared towards what matters to you most — improving your community and preparing you for what’s next. In addition to the trainings, there’s an entire virtual networking component where you can chat with your state and local peers. Best of all? You don’t even need to leave your office chair.

We’ll be posting blog recaps of all of the trainings here and live tweeting all the sessions using #gltrain. The full schedule is below — you can attend ALL trainings, or just one or two depending on your schedule. Hope to see you soon (virtually, of course!)

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10:00AM-10:20AM: Keynote Speaker: Akash Karia, best selling author of Ted Talks Storytelling: 23 Storytelling Techniques from the Best Ted Talks

The truth is to do our jobs better, we can all be better communicators and storytellers. So who are the best storytellers? Folks that give powerful TED Talks.

A TED Talk is limited to 18 minutes, so each speaker only has time to give the audience one takeaway message and they must capture the audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds, or risk losing the audience. Akash Karia is a storytelling and public speaking expert and in this training, he will share the best tips for storytelling from his book, “TED Talks Storytelling: 23 Storytelling Techniques from the Best TED Talks.”

10:30-11:20AM: Transforming the Moments: How to Improve the Interaction Between Government and Its Constituents

In recent years, we’ve seen big changes in government technology. Constituents can tweet suggestions at government officials and organizations, file licenses or permits online, and view public documents on their mobile device.

With these new technologies and processes, the question for many state and local governments becomes: how can we use technology to improve service delivery? More importantly, how can technology empower constituents to engage with government and transform the interaction between government and the public.

An enterprise content management (ECM) system can do this by helping you automate workflow, leverage data, and increase transparency to create an efficient framework for government. Join this training to learn the value of automation and how best to improve collaboration and the “interaction moments” between your organization and your constituents.

11:30-12:20PM: Tips and Tricks for Tracking Labor Costs in the Public Sector

There’s a lot of pressure on state and local governments to preserve budget dollars while ensuring the continuity of services for constituents. With the largest portion of operational budgets being workforce expenditures, this is a logical place to start looking for efficiencies. Labor costs, laws and productivity in the workforce are complex. It can be difficult to accurately track employee work and leave time, or understand and conform to labor laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act, especially when done on paper or spreadsheets. Automating your labor efforts can help reduce costs, improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and make your government more transparent.

Join us to learn from government experts about controlling labor costs; increasing employee satisfaction; minimizing compliance risk, managing leave liability, and much more.

Your workforce is your best asset and also your great opportunity to optimize limited budgets. Make sure that your labor costs are being tracked as smartly and efficiently as possible.

Speakers: Janet Wampler, State Timekeeping System Administrator, State of Ohio
Donald Pagel, Vice President, Public Sector Services, Kronos

12:30-1:20PM: Breaking Down Silos and Combining Data to Move Your Government at the Speed of Business

States are increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of government by dramatically simplifying and increasing the use of data across agencies. Learn how working within and across agencies using performance management tools and a robust analytics platform helps to improve services and efficiency with state funds. We will share how machine learning and other advanced analytical methods can be used to achieve success through real-world case studies.

1:30-2:20PM ET: How to Build a Smarter, More Responsive Community

Wouldn’t you like to equip your organization with technology that can help you make decisions in real time? Sensors are everywhere and this data can be visualized in real time so to help your organization respond sooner and meet the immediate needs of your citizens. This training session will educate you on how to use sensor data and solutions that your organization probably already has that will help make your community more productive, efficient, transparent, and collaborative.

2:30-3:20PMET: The Secret to Better Records Management

Unstructured data (email, images, video, social media etc) is growing exponentially by the day. In fact, IDC reports that file storage is growing at a rate of 75x over the next 6 years. This growth is outpacing the capabilities of traditional storage systems leading to inefficiencies, lost or inaccurate information, and added costs. Add on new regulations requiring organizations to keep files for longer and in an electronic format and its easy to see why government is struggling with their records management strategy.

But there is a solution and examples of organizations that are doing it well. Join this training to learn best practice strategies for effectively archiving your information in a secure way. Our experts will share the benefits of an efficient archive solution to streamlining information, increasing employee productivity and meeting mandatory regulations.

3:30-4:20PM ET: When Flash Makes All the Difference: Delivering Constituent Services in the Age of Instant Gratification

Pure Storage has taken the market by storm, showing that spinning disk (a 30 year old technology) is holding organizations back from delivering fast and efficient services to the public. Government organizations around the country are learning that all flash technology can be transformational in helping them deliver private sector experiences to constituents.

Flash technology is not only affordable but simple to manage, freeing up resources to have a greater impact the core mission of the agency. Join this training to learn how one government organization is leveraging flash technology and why it’s financially compelling.

4:30-4:50PM ET – GovLoop’s Professional Development and Training Secrets

Everyone wants to get better at their job and grow their career, but how? Join this interactive video chat with Andrew Krzmarzick, Vice President of Learning Services, as we discuss productivity and networking tips, the value of a mentor, and free training you can take advantage of. Not to mention, all the information GovLoop has to help govies!

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