Keep Citizens Informed With Social Media

When social media platforms first launched, surely no one imagined how indispensable they would become for government agencies to communicate and engage with citizens.

But governments aren’t just using social media to share relatable content and gather likes—they’re often using it to update their communities with vital and time-sensitive information.

Public servants who manage social media for their agencies are now responsible for handling an increasing number of issues, from a pandemic and racial justice reckoning to combatting the spread of misinformation. Fortunately, these social media managers have a community to fall back on.

Whether you’re a public servant focused on social media or interested in learning about how it can be utilized at your agency, you should check out the 2020 Social for Safety Conference (S4SCON) on Sept. 22-23, 2020. This virtual event will help public communicators across the country learn social media strategies that are working right now, and help you get a handle on 2020 and confidently communicate with the public. S4SCON is an interactive experience where attendees can engage with other participants and speakers like:

  • Tom Tarantino, Head of Global Crisis Response, Twitter
  • Jennifer Snyder, Digital Media & Marketing PIO, Gilbert Fire and Rescue
  • Kristy Dalton, Founder & CEO, Government Social Media LLC
  • Kaitlyn Janowski, Social Impact Partnerships Team, Facebook

You’ll also be able to attend two days of informative sessions, including:

  • Creating a Pandemic Playbook
  • Spot the Fake Disaster Picture
  • Using Instagram Stories to Engage in a Pandemic
  • When the World Is Watching: Handling Your Job as a Public Communicator

Join your public sector peers and get the social media training you need to protect your agency, keep public trust & strengthen your outreach.

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