Kicking Off Next Generation of Government Summit 2012

Today kicks off the 3rd year of the Next Generation of Government Summit. The Next Generation of Government Training Summit began in 2010 and this year, will enhance the working and personal lives of 600 Generation X and Y government employees. The sessions and workshops that will be presented over the next two days are focused on educating, inspiring and training emerging government leaders. After the summit, our hope is that attendees will find new and innovative ways to enhance their day-to-day responsibilities, grow in their career and help transform how government operates.

The NextGeneration of Government Summit is co-hosted by GovLoop and Young Government Leaders, a professional organization of men and women employed by or for the government.

If you want to check out the summit and were unable to attend, the conference is being live streamed on GovLoop, simply head over to the homepage of GovLoop and you’ll find links and resources to follow throughout the day. Since you can’t join us in person, we hope you’ll follow us digitally! Also, follow the conference using @nextgengov and #nextgengov, posting on GovLoop using Nextgen.

The Opening session kicked off with the following speakers:

  • Dave Uejio, Lead for Talent Acquisition, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and President, Young Government Leaders
  • Steve Ressler, Co-Founder, Young Government Leaders & President, Govloop

After Dave and Steve kicked off the conference, NextGen rolled into the morning keynote speakers. Briefly, here are the titles and topics of the presentations (stay tuned for some blogs from the speakers):

”What Do Change-makers Have in Common”: Andrew Rasiej, Founder, Personal Democracy Forum

”Corporate Rebel: How to be an Intrapraneur within Government”: Carmen Medina, Former CIA Director of Intelligence, author of series “Corporate Rebel”

”Creating Innovation in Government”: Todd Park, U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Dave Uejio started by asking a question, an observation and a challenge. The question that Dave asks is “Why are we here?” Dave mentioned that people will learn a ton by being, but there are a lot of reasons why they are here. Dave stated, “It’s part to renew your passion for the government community.” That his the heart of NextGen Summit, to inspire and reimagine how young government leaders can transform government. “It’s an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to engage and be around people passionate to do your best,” stated Dave.

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the day for all the latest from Next Generation of Government Summit!

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