Leaving the Tedious Tasks For Technology

Think about your day at work. How much of your time is dedicated to copying or printing papers? How about the amount of time you spend updating spreadsheets? Or the amount of time it takes you to copy information from one document to another? Our answers may vary depending on your job description, but the point is clear: public sector employees spend a lot of time doing these tedious tasks every day, when they could be working on more mission-critical activities that better serve constituents.

Now, you might be thinking this is a dream world, but it’s not. It’s a world where IT is focused on human-centric activities. This is the idea behind out new infographic, 7 Elements of Human-Centric IT, sponsored by GovLoop and Pegasystems. This model of IT is focused on connecting technology to people and process. It all starts with smart investment decisions and adopting specialized solutions for business needs.

So what are the 7 elements of a Human-Centric IT model?

  1. Delivers New Insights- New understanding of your business processes and operations.
  2. Creates New Efficiences- Automated processes to remove errors and eliminate time-consuming tasks
  3. Improve Citizen Trust- Deliver consistent customer service to clients
  4. Boosts Employee Morale- Automated tasks means employees can focus on mission-critical operations and leave the tedious for technology
  5. Facilitates Scalable IT- Prepare for future needs
  6. Promotes Responsive Government- Update processes once to replicate across communication channels
  7. Leverage Current Investments- Unifies current investments to existing tools

I encourage you to check out the infographic to learn more about the Human-Centric IT model and how it can transform your agency and prepare you for future change.

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