GovLoop Research Digest: 3 Resources Highlight Changes Coming to Government Service Delivery

Last week we gave you all a quick mobile GovLoop research digest. This week I am going to share three GovLoop resources that show the way in which government delivers services and operates is in the midst of a transformation. Be sure to take a look at and share the resources below, they are designed for you – get you thinking in a new way, and empower you to do your job better. As always, please feel free to reach out to me ([email protected]) if you have any questions or great case studies you’d like to share.

Infographic: Defining Human Centric IT

In one of our latest infographics, we focus on how agencies can connect people to process to improve delivery of services. There’s a lot of tasks that we do that can be automated by IT, leading to efficiencies and improved service delivery for the public sector. Check out the infographic that helps define 7 components of human-centric IT.

Guide: Building Better Conferences and Training: The Value of Virtual Events in Government.

At the heart of our latest guide is that the office environment and the way training is conducting is changing. The GovLoop Guide, Building Better Conferences and Training: The Value of Virtual Events in Government, shows that in a time of tight budgets and disappearing travel/training budgets, agencies still are providing innovative training and education opportunities to employees. Our guide is jam-packed with case studies, interviews and some great survey data from the GovLoop community on how to leverage virtual as a training mechanism.

Podcast: Are you speaking my language? How to become bureaucratically multi-cultural

“Today the big issues facing our government do not fall neatly into one agency’s mission. Food safety laws for example are regulated by 15 different agencies and teams. In order to find real solutions we need an enterprise approach,” said Ron Sanders in an interview with GovLoop’s Emily Jarvis. This was a great interview walking through the challenges of collaboration in government. Be sure to listen to the interview to learn some of the best ways to make collaboration stick – which is going to essential as government programs continue to become multi-sector, multi-agency and serve a variety of stakeholders.

One quick side note – last week I drove across the country, starting in Seattle and ending in Washington, DC. My favorite part of the trip was driving through Idaho and Coure d’Alene (also a great song by Head and the Heart). I thought a lot about the blessing we have to live in this country, and it’s built on from all the hard work coming from the public sector. Can’t deny that we got a lot of big problems to work through in our country, but like John Lennon said – “there’s no problems, only solutions.” I’ve always loved that quote, and reinforces my belief that every day we’re making strides to a better country and stronger communities.

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