Listening Less and Talking More

My natural state of being is to listen rather than talk. I’ve always been that annoying kid since age 2 asking questions – who, what, where, why, and when?

It’s been an interesting transition as GovLoop has taken off as I’ve been asked to speak more which puts me a little out of my natural equilibrium as I’m doing more talking than listening.

However, I’ve learning to truly enjoy speaking in public whether it is in front of 30 people or 500.

And the best part is always the questions and answers – where I get to listen and find out what people are truly interested in. So we are back to listening…

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Andrew Krzmarzick

I’ve often told you, Steve, that one of your biggest strengths (and there are many of them!) is that you ask excellent questions, then really listen to the person you’ve queried. It’s a rare and important quality…especially if it comes naturally to you!