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10 Barriers to Connecting with Others

We know rudeness gets in the way of relating to others at work. But even common, well-meaning responses can block us from connecting with others. Here are 10 common ways we prevent ourselves from being present and truly listening to others, and steps we can take to remove those barriers.

6 Ways to Become a Better Listener

Listening can be a tough communication skill to master. Luckily, the active listening method can help you improve your skills.

6 Synergistic Listening Tips: More Than the Sum of the Communication Parts

Knowing what gets in your way names it. Then you can work around, or through it. Agreeing to disagree when it’s not possible or unnecessary to agree preserves the relationship. Preparing your points with potential objections and probing questions in mind makes you look unfazed by road blocks. Multi-tasking when distractions win out keeps up… Read more »

You, If The Walls Had Ears

“Even if nobody is home, act like the walls can hear you.” – Jewish saying The other day I went into a store with Buddhist books and Tibetan artifacts. It was empty. I wasn’t totally amazed, since we’re dealing with a worldview steeped heavily in karma and reincarnation – i.e., if you steal a book,… Read more »