Locals Only: How Well Do You Know Washington, D.C.?

Did you know that the actual population of Washington, D.C. is about 550,000? 8.5 million if you include the metro area? If you did, then you might be a D.C. expert – or just really good with numbers! Either way, we’re here to find out.

After more than 200 years as the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. has developed as a complex city with multiple personalities. Today, you can dive into the nation’s past by exploring the National Mall and museums or you can venture into all its modern neighborhoods and restaurants. Basically, Washington, D.C. gives you the best of many worlds whether you’re a local or simply making a quick visit.

And that’s why we love it so much! So, to show our appreciation for Washington, D.C. and the people who know it best, we’ve created this fun, interactive quiz, Locals Only: How Well Do You Know Washington, D.C.?, so you can test your D.C. knowledge and discover how much you really know about the District.

When you’re done, tweet us your results @GovLoop and challenge your colleagues to get a higher score! And don’t forget to also join our DC Events List so that you can be notified every time we have an upcoming government training or networking event.

Stay awesome, D.C.

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