Looks Like You’re a Lightning Rod (Again) This Election Cycle

Lisa Rein of the Washington Post asked GovLoop’ers last week if “Federal salaries are too high.” You gave her a great deal of feedback (37 comments) on her way to writing a story this past Saturday for the Washington Post:

Here’s how it starts:
From her sixth-floor office at the National Science Foundation in Arlington County, Carter Kimsey earns $155,500 a year helping to conceive and oversee federal research grants to the nation’s smartest scientists.

Kimsey doesn’t see herself as overpaid. But now, the 63-year-old civil servant and almost 2 million other federal workers are in the cross hairs during thismidterm election season. With 14.9 million Americans unemployed and private-sector wages stagnant, Republicans hoping to win back Congress in November have seized on the salaries and size of the federal workforce as symbols of overspending by the Obama administration.


You can read the rest of the story at the Post.

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Christopher Whitaker

Don’t worry, state workers are drawing fire too. The Chicago Tribune won’t be happy until they we hand them our pensions (nevermind that we pay for them) and lay off half the state workforce.